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                                        Mission Statement

Christian Family Academy exists to train students in a Christian worldview.

                                           Biblical Training

Our desire at Christian Family Academy is to make a Christian education available to all qualified, Christian families that are seeking to train their children according to biblical principles. We don’t want finances to keep any child from receiving a Christian education. 

CFA is a ministry that believes that children are a heritage from God and that training them is a high calling of God. We are committed to assist parents in the biblical training of their children.


Christian Family Academy uses a Bible based college preparatory curriculum that meets all North Carolina and NCAA college entrance requirements.

                                              Imagine & Believe

Imagine a school where someone's vision already included your child.

Imagine a school orchestrated by God and, managed and operated by staff and parents of "like minds".

Imagine a school where individuality isn't seen as weird.

Imagine a school where God given talents and creativity of parents and children alike, are encouraged and nurtured.

Imagine a school where learning is a hands on experience and not just knowledge taught from a textbook, where a child who learns "out of the box" is accepted.

Imagine a school where traditional Christian values and the family are held sacred, where the Bible is Life's handbook.

Imagine a school where plans and needs are sought by prayer.

Imagine a school where ministering to others is allowed and development of a Christlike character is cultivated.

Imagine a school where the teachers go the extra mile to mentor a student who has lost a parent or a parent is absent in their life.

Imagine a school where Christ is center and God is the Consuming Fire.


This is Christian Family Academy, where opportunities are abundant and blessings are countless.

Written by Cindy Cook

Christian Family Academy is approved by the United States Department of State to enroll foreign exchange students.

Christian Family Academy is approved by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education to operate as a private school.

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