Christian Family Academy is a non-denominational Christian community that works together to provide a Biblical education for our children. The Bible is the basis for our educational philosophy, organizational structure, curriculum and methodology. We are not affiliated with a specific church.  Our families represent more than 20 different churches.

Our mission is to produce life-long learners who are passionate disciples of Jesus Christ and who are diligently seeking to impact the world around them for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our desire at Christian Family Academy is to make the tool of Christian education available to all families who are seeking to train their children according to Biblical principles. We believe that finances should never be the reason why a child cannot receive this education. We believe that parents are the primary dispensers of training and that our job is to work in conjunction with their role as disciple-makers. We believe that ministry is both local and global. We believe that every Christ-follower has a role to play in the Kingdom of Heaven.

As you become acquainted with Christian Family Academy, we hope you will catch a sense of wonder at the work that God is doing here. To God alone be the glory! 


If we want to produce world-changers, then we must adhere to a system of education in which each person is a part of something bigger than themselves. The call of Christ is much deeper than the personal pursuits of prosperity and happiness. The Christian mandate is a global enterprise: a sacred responsibility to take truth into the furthest corners of the world.