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We will be accepting applications for New Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year on Thursday, February 23, 2024.

The following steps explain how to enroll a new student at Christian Family Academy: 

1.  Because CFA exists to assist Christian parents in the training of their children, we require at least one parent to be a professing Christian.

2.  For the training of children to be most effective, the home, church, and school must work together. Therefore it is expected that families enrolled in Christian Family Academy will be actively involved in a church.
3.  Complete the Application for Admission, read and sign the Parent Statement of Agreement, complete the Authorization for Medical Treatment, and submit all three forms along with the registration fee.

4.  Use the Student Records Request form to have student transcripts sent from the most recent school attended.  (If your child has been home schooled, please submit a list of the curriculum you used and the grade level of your child.)

5.  Schedule a family interview. If possible, both parents and the child making application should be present. All forms should be returned before scheduling an interview.

After all of the steps have been completed and Christian Family Academy has all of the information required, parents will be contacted by the school regarding admission.

To request more information:

Contact the School Office

Monday-Friday 8:30-3:30



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